Cryotherapy T-Shock: What is
Treatment at Inngi?

What is Cryotherapy Treatment (T-Shock)?

Inngi Cryotherapy T-Shock is a therapy treatment that uses cold temperatures for wellness and aesthetics. T-Shock treatments offer a variety of cryotherapy benefits; designed to erase unwanted wrinkles, fat stores and soreness in our body, T-Shock therapy stimulates both an internal and external sense of confidence and well-being. Cryotherapy hyper-stimulates the skin and tissue, greatly speeding up all cellular activities. Our Inngi room is designed to provide a safe, spa-like environment where you enjoy a few moments of self-care. Our intention is for you to leave looking and feeling your best.

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Cryotherapy Services


Facial treatments lend to the most popular cryotherapy benefits. This cryotherapy treatment erases lines and wrinkles to create a youthful and bright complexion. Experience a facelift without the scalpel, as T-Shock naturally encourages the production of collagen and elastin within the skin! Cryotherapy treatment causes blood vessels and capillaries to expand by up to 400%, which greatly improves the skin’s permeability and consequential product absorption. The acne and breakout treatments kill bacteria buildup in the skin’s pores. Cryotherapy T-Shock also soothes and calms signs of rosacea.


Cryotherapy T-Shock is able to resurface and smooth cellulite, which is caused by fascia under the skin being too tight. The Cryotherapy T-Shock uses hot and cold temperatures to break up the connective tissues leading to the polished skin you have always wanted.


Cryotherapy T-Shock treats loose skin by using cold temperatures to help the body naturally create collagen and elastin in the skin. This treatment tones the skin, bringing back its elasticity.


Cryotherapy T-Shock uses cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells. By speeding up cellular activity, the cold temperatures bun the cells similar to a intense workout. This procedure is painless and safe. We can treat the trouble spots that all of us struggle with–stomach, hips, back, thighs, glutes, arms, and anything in between!


Spot Treatments heal sore muscles from sport injuries or over activity. Cryotherapy T-Shock uses hot and cold temperatures to mend the muscle and encourage healing naturally. Imagine an ice-pack or ice-bath with a highly amplified effect.


Scientific studies have provided evidence supporting a variety of cryotherapy benefits. By speeding up cellular activity within the body, the cold temperatures of cryotherapy burn the cells similar to an intense workout. This procedure is painless and safe. There is no harm the skin because the cooling is done gradually, and the head of the machine is continually moving over the skin, never held in one place. The destroyed cells are then moved out of the body through the lymphatic system, which is why working out and getting that lymphatic system pumping is so important after the treatment.

Vs. Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting and Cryotherapy T-Shock fat treatments are similar in science but differ in technology. Both Cryotherapy T-Shock and Coolsculpting use very cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells. Cryotherapy is different because it is painless, less expensive, safer and more natural for your body with no risk of frostbite or nerve damage. Coolsculpting also does not target lines and wrinkles, cellulite, signs of aging, and loose skin.

Vs. Traditional

T-Shock is a hand-held device used for spot-treatment cryotherapy. We can target areas of the body with cold temperatures and really focus on specific zones of concern. This makes Cryotherapy T-Shock a wonderful resource for treating sports injuries and sore muscles. Cryotherapy T-Shock does not use nitrogen like traditional cryotherapy and therefore is safer for the body with no risk of frostbite.

Benefits of T-Shock

Fat Reduction

Firming and Shape Definition

Cellulite Reduction

Promotes Anti-aging

Non invasive Face Lift

Helps recover the body after athletic training

Decreases inflammation in the body

Drainage for those suffering from edema

Why Cryotherapy T-Shock?

Our state-of-the-art Cryotherapy T-Shock treatment service helps in prevention and recovery from the signs of aging. Cryotherapy treats wrinkles, lines, skin laxity, and skin spots by increasing collagen and elastin while expanding blood vessels and capillaries by up to 400%. Single facial applications will provide a “red carpet” luminous glow for special events while a customized plan of applications over a longer period will provide ongoing, beautiful results. These hot and cool temperatures speed up the healing process by spot treating sore muscles as well.

Our certified Cryotherapy T-Shock consultant will design a treatment program based on your desired goals. Common objectives include slimming and shape definition, firming and tighten loose skin, cellulite reduction and muscle recovery.

Your Cyrotherapy Experience

Prepare for Your Cryotherapy

  • Please wear underwear and be mindful that some procedures require you to remove some articles of clothing.
  • Arrive with clean, dry skin without lotion or any other products applied to the areas that will be treated.
  • Remember that Cryotherapy T-Shock is a cold treatment and may be slightly uncomfortable to some people.
  • Keep in mind that if you are undergoing a fat loss or cellulite reduction treatment, you are required to work out within the same day of your appointment for 30-60 minutes. Working out will help flush out the frozen and destroyed fat cells through the lymphatic system to increase the cryotherapy benefits you encounter.


  • Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment.
  • Our certified T-Shock consultant can help you determine which cryotherapy benefits you should focus on and answer any questions you have, such as “what is cryotherapy treatment?”
  • You will be greeted by friendly staff and asked to complete a simple intake form to help us learn more about you and your needs.

Relax & Enjoy

  • A Cryotherapy T-Shock consultant will welcome you into a spa like environment for a consultation to discuss your areas of concern and plan for treatment.
  • Once you are comfortable, you will be invited to lay on a reclining spa bed and Cryotherapy T-Shock gel will be applied to the areas treated. This is to help the device glide smoothly over the skin.
  • Relax, and enjoy a moment of self-care during your treatment!


  • At the conclusion of your treatment, a warm towel will be used to remove the Cryotherapy T-Shock gel.
  • If given a facial, you will receive a face wipe and Aromatherapy Associates products to help cleanse the skin.

Take Your Time

  • Stop by the front desk on your way out to schedule your next appointments to keep your treatment ongoing.
  • If you are undergoing a fat loss or cellulite reduction treatment, you are required to work out within the same day of your appointment for 30-60 minutes to help flush out the frozen and destroyed fat cells through the lymphatic system.
  • Enjoy a cup of tea in our tea lounge or schedule a float for the following day to help in your detoxing and self-care journey.


"Amazed with the results on the day of treatment, but even more impressed, a week later, when my face still appears fuller, crows feet and lip lines are much less apparent."

– Lindsey Oliver

"After the third treatment I REALLY saw a difference and so did my family!"

– Anonymous

"Madi is so great! Clean, comfortable and wonderfully relaxing environment!"

– Anonymous

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